The Purpose of Marriage

The society we live in provoke many thoughts in regards to the purpose of marriage. We see all around us that people are letting go of marriage and resorting to other forms of lifestyle. We truly have forgotten what the real purpose of marriage was and how it is just as relevant today.


Procreation is one of the natural and important purposes of Marriage in Islam. Prophet SAW said to marry and reproduce “Marry, for I shall be proud of your large numbers on the Day of Judgment” (Recorded in Ibn Majah)


There is no shame in Islam in accepting the fact that physical pleasure is a major part and purpose of marriage. This is the halal method of attaining pleasure which is encouraged and not considered to be evil unlike other religions. This also makes it important that when selecting a spouse you must have a look to make sure that you are physically attracted to the person you are going to marry. The physical desires of men and women can lead to many evils if marriage is not practiced as we see all around us in society how the spread of Zina and other deviant sexual behaviors is on the rise due to the decrease in the amount of marriages.

Cornerstone of Society

Marriage forms the foundation of a family in Islam and a collection of families forms our community. In any moral society when the family system falls into a downward spiral it leads to the eventual collapse of that civilization. Therefore in Islam there is a lot of emphasis put on the foundation of Marriage and family to strengthen our community from a moral standpoint.


One of the most beautiful things that one can experience out of marriage is not the sexual bond but the bond that is created in companionship. You share the most important and nearest things to you with your most beloved companion. This is the true sweetness in having a spouse that you can share your stress, thoughts, love and life with.

Family Bonds

When two people get married they bring together two families and create one larger family. This is a beautiful thing and should be appreciated. In-laws can be a beautiful thing or a dreadful thing, it all depends on your own attitude. Please read the article regarding In-Law Syndrome to get a better understanding of this issue.

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