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Almost Married? Nikah Kitabah 101

What is a Nikah Kitabah? A common trend in the practicing communities has become the idea of “Celibate marriage” or “Katb al kitab” where a brother and sister have their nikah done and have an extended period where are not cohabiting. This is increasing in popularity because young muslims are choosing to protect themselves from the fitan of living in the west by achieving halal companionship, even though their financial or practical conditions allow them to not be able to live together immediately. This period can be tough for all those involved, but it protects the couple from sinning by […]


Managing Stress Series – Laugh More

Stress in a relationship is a major cause of many breakups and also many long-term negative effects on a marriage. Therefore it is very important to learn different techniques on how to manage your stress and work towards a prosperous marriage. Laugh More Humor is one of the best stress relievers and a good laugh can relax your muscle, reduces blood pressure, reduces hormones that cause stress and negatively affects your immune system. Even smiling helps to do all of the above mentioned positive effects on your mental and physical health. Recent studies have shown that facial features (real or […]


10 Qualities to make a Husband Happy

We all know that Allah subhana wa ta’alaa has described the treatment of the spouses in the Quran as: “And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” (Qur’an 30:21). Here Muwadda means Love and Rahma is Mercy. Allah subhana wa ta’alaa describes this relationship as one that begins with love and both spouses having a joyous time, but, inevitably there are times where they have to […]


Interfaith Marriages in Islam

We have received some questions recently regarding interfaith marriages. This is an easy topic but we have to keep in mind that there is a difference amongst the scholars on some of the issues. We will clearly state it for you in this short article where the differences are what they are and which terms are completely clear. Clear Terms: A Muslim believing woman is not allowed to marry any non believer or even of any one of Ahli Kitaab (People of the Book). Muslim women are only allowed to marry Muslim Men. Muslim men are allowed to marry women […]


Being away from your Loved One

One of the hardest tests of any marriage is spending time away from your spouse. Spending time away from your loved one is a test that a marriage will go through, whether the trip is for business or pleasure you could be spending anywhere from a day or a weekend to months or years away from your wife. Thus, staying in touch with your spouse becomes one of the key things that everyone must do. How to Keep in Touch With advancing technologies it has become significantly easier to keep in touch. There are many ways to keep in touch […]


Exercise your worries away!

There is no magic cure for rifts between husband and wife. But the closest thing is exercise. You’ll lose weight, get fit, become healthier, and find yourself more confident when it comes to your marital relationship. Taking part in physical activities together, will give you and your husband a reason to bond over something fun, and will get the competitive juices flowing. It is the type of self-esteem building and stress relief that will entirely change the way you feel about yourself and life and your spouse is sure to take notice. Even looking at the example of our Prophet […]


When the Ship is Sinking, Throw away the Extra Baggage

When your marriage is in trouble and you’re fighting to keep it from sinking, it’s time to throw away all the extra baggage that’s not helping. You need to be at your highest vigilance in using your intellect and tackle the problems within your marriage. Anything that is causing more issues or is not a helper needs to be thrown out. In these stressful times there is only a limited amount of energy and time, not to factor in all the stress and confusion the person is experiencing at this moment in their life. Following are a few factors you […]


Marital problems… Who should I ask for Help?

As any couple can imagine, it is a very difficult to realization or accept that something is wrong and professional help is needed. Many a times nagging problems of the past keep on consistently putting hurdles in the progress of the relationship and this is when you know you need therapy. And once a couple realizes that professional help is what they need and they put aside their egos to accept that fact then they soon realize it was all worth the effort. If you are seriously considering counseling for your marriage then consider and think about the following: Look […]


The Spark is Missing!

People are quick to point to the aptly named “spark” as being the problem in almost all relationships beyond the exciting wedding and honeymoon phase. Even within our Muslim community, people tend to lose the “happily ever after” feeling within first few years of marriage, and usually just chalk it up to “the spark is missing.” This, in our opinion, is a flawed concept, and shouldn’t really be affecting a Muslim. These are issues adapted from the environment that we live in where people are so used to having different partners every month that they become desensitized to the real […]