How to Propose for Marriage

I need some advice on marriage. I am a 23 year old brother in university and I know a very nice, pious muslim girl and I feel that she would make a good wife. She was in one of my classes this semester and I want to know how I can make a proposal for marriage. Should I get a third party to ask and should I get my parents involved? You shouldn’t approach the girl yourself. The best thing is to let a female mahram third party like your sister approach her and ask if she was interested in […]


What is a Muslim Marriage Contract?

I have a question. My family and my future husband’s family have decided on a date for the wedding to be taking place mid-next year Inshallah. I was told that once you and your husband have decided to be married, at that moment in time, you are married. Is this true? I have been told this in reference of the Prophet’s time, when he had his nikkah, it was oral, a verbal agreement. So, is this true that from the moment that both the families as well as the bride and groom decide, that is the moment from when they […]


Tought times for a Single Muslim

I am sixteen years old and I need help. A girl at the school in which I attend had started becoming close to me, talking to me and making me conjure feelings about her. Very soon I told her that I can’t talk to her anymore, and I broke any ties between her (ie: e-mail etc. etc.) but I still feel unhappy inside. I am diligent in prayer but I need a means for forgetting and filling this void. I strongly advise you to get closer to Allah as he’s the only one who can relieve you from your distress. […]


Communicating before Marriage

I wanted to ask a scholar’s point of view in terms of proper Islamic etiquette in regards to marriage. Is it proper to talk to someone through e-mail in regards to marriage? I’ve been asked by a sister if I could give my e-mail address to a brother who is looking for someone to marry. He has not seen me, nor do I know who he is. Now, she says maybe I should discuss through e-mail and then we could meet publicly at a conference or a masjid. And if we seem to look okay and our interaction through e-mail […]

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What is Khula?

If a woman is wanting to seek Khulaa (female initiated divorce) due to mistreatment by the husband, does she have to give back the mahr and the non-mahr gifts received during the wedding time? Also, keep in mind that the husband pronounced talaq less than a year ago. If the wife is divorced, then the Khul’aa becomes redundant and invalid as the couple is no longer married. However, if the couple is still married and if the wife wants to seek Khul’aa, then the concensus amongst the scholars is that she has to return the Mahr presented to her by […]


Spending Iddah at Parents House

If the husband divorces the wife and wants her to move back to her parents’ house to carry out the iddah period, is that permissible? If a man has divorced his wife (talaq) for the first or second time, she spends her iddah (waiting period) in his house and stays with him because she is still his wife and under his guardianship. If he wants to have intercourse with her, then according to some scholars if he does so at that time (i.e. the time of iddah), this means that he has taken her back and her iddah is over. […]


Is it mandatory to wear Hijab?

Is it manditory for all girls to wear hijab? If they do not wear the hijab is this considered a sin?  The Quran and Sunnah both direct women to cover themselves and avoid displaying their adornments in front of ?strangers? (non-mahram men). The Quran tells the Prophet PBUH: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allâh is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful?” [al-Ahzaab 33:59]. Allah […]


What is a Mahram?

Who can be a Mahram? Can my husband take my 70 year old grandmother for Umrah? Is he considered a mahram? Please provide any sources/references if you have.  The scholars have listed five conditions for a person to be considered a mahram. He should be male, Muslim, adult, and of sound mind, and he should be a relative to whom marriage is permanently forbidden, such as a father, brother, paternal uncle, maternal uncle, father in law, mother’s husband or brother through radaa’ah (breastfeeding), etc. (as opposed to relatives to whom marriage is temporarily forbidden, such as a sister’s husband, paternal […]


Abusive Husband and asking for Divorce

My husband has physically abused me and insults me when angry. His anger is terrifying. Is it ok to divorce him for this reason? I’m very sad to hear this news and I ask Allah SWT to grant you patience and perseverance. Such abuse is totally prohibited legally and Islamically. I would first bring this concern before an Imam who can talk to him and warn him about such abuse. You could also engage some family members to try to mediate. If all these attempts to find a viable and peaceful solution to this problem fail, then you may resort […]


Clarify Divorce and Iddah

I have a few questions regarding iddah and divorce that I need clarification in. If the couple is going through Divorce, should they fill out the divorce forms during or after the iddah period? If they fill it during, and in the case that it is reconciled before the iddah is over, then they would have to get remarried? Secondly, If Eid falls within the iddah period, is the woman allowed to go for Eid prayers? Thirdly, what is the woman allowed to do during the iddah? The woman works and needs to work due to OSAP loan repayment. Can […]