Choosing A Mate Wisely

DISCUSSIONS WITH A close friend of mine were once dominated by her excitement and continuous expressions that she wanted to get married. She told me she had a brother in mind that captivated her with his charm, intelligence, and handsome looks. She said that he was interested in her as well. She said many things about him, but none of […]

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The Rights of Children Over Parents | Part 2

PSYCHOLOGISTS DEFINE THE word ‘family’ as the first group of people that a child lives and interacts with in the first years of his life. During this period the child copies his parents in their attitudes, personality, reactions to different situations, cultural practices, etc… The first and foremost job of the family is to protect the fiṭra of the child. […]

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Know Thy Children

PARENTING IS BASED on the unequivocal truth that mother and father know best, whether it is for, or about, their children. If those who essentially bring us into this world are not endowed with that faculty, then who else could possibly be? But parents themselves will tell you that is a contestable fact. There was a time when they too […]

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Men Are Babies and Other Jokes

MEN ARE JUST babies.” “Women are so emotional.” “Your husband is your first child.” “Don’t try to understand women.” In lectures and articles, from popular Muslim speakers and well-meaning aunties, these phrases are passed on as part and parcel of marriage advice or counsel on how to deal with the opposite gender. The tone is usually light-hearted, with a knowing […]

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Marriage with Qur’an, a Sinful Act in Islam

Marriage in Islam is consent between two people for a lifetime relation that entails a bond and connection between man and woman. Islam a peaceful religion permits a person to select his/her spouse with freedom of choice as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entire biography is a beacon, guidance for the ignorant ones to shred illegal, un-Islamic customs that violates Shariah. Tradition […]

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The Best of Father-In-Laws. Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wasallam.

Ustadh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses a very touchy topic which is “In-Laws”. Everyone seem to have gone through the in-laws syndrome before marriage or during marriage. Let us learn from the best of mankind, our beloved Prophet pbuh and see how he was as a father-in-law.

Divorce. To Be or Not To Be

Ustadh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses a very touchy topic which is Divorce and what leads to it. He shares a very funny story which happened to someone in real life. A man divorced 5 women within a matter of minutes. Do you know how? Watch the video!!!

Peaceful Family Gatherings

Shaykh Riad discusses the importance of spending quality time with family.  

Warm Greetings – Hugs & Kisses for your Beloved

Sheikh Riad talk about the important of greetings.  

Foundation of a Society

A short but sweet reminder by Sh Riad Ouarzazi.