The Rights of Children Over Parents | Part 2

PSYCHOLOGISTS DEFINE THE word ‘family’ as the first group of people that a child lives and interacts with in the first years of his life. During this period the child copies his parents in their attitudes, personality, reactions to different situations, cultural practices, etc… The first and foremost job of the family is to protect the fiṭra of the child. […]

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Extent of husband’s relatives interfere in their life

What are the rights of the in-laws (the husband’s brothers and sisters) in Islam? Do the father- and mother-in-law have the right of obedience? Do they have the right to enter my room with or without permission? To what extent should I obey them with regard to my clothing, cooking, childcare, keeping house and going out of the house? Do […]

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Wives Dealing With Tough Husbands

Question: In Islam, a man has options to choose from when his wife misbehaves or does something displeasing. For example, negotiating, then leaving her bedroom, and finally hitting lightly (with miswak-tooth stick). My question is, what if a man misbehaves? Does the woman have any options? What if he does something extremely horrible? What can she do? I know there’s divorce, but for women it’s […]

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The Best of Father-In-Laws. Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wasallam.

Ustadh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses a very touchy topic which is “In-Laws”. Everyone seem to have gone through the in-laws syndrome before marriage or during marriage. Let us learn from the best of mankind, our beloved Prophet pbuh and see how he was as a father-in-law.

Divorce. To Be or Not To Be

Ustadh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses a very touchy topic which is Divorce and what leads to it. He shares a very funny story which happened to someone in real life. A man divorced 5 women within a matter of minutes. Do you know how? Watch the video!!!

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

With the rate of divorces and separations on the rise all over the world, there is a universal question that everyone wants answered… “How can I have a happy marriage?” While there is no definitive answer to the question, there are a lot of opinions and tips we can take from those who have been experiencing a blissful and happy […]

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Envy [Hasad]

Envy (Hasad) means resenting the blessings of Allah that are enjoyed by the one who is envied, and wishing that it be taken away. In other words, the envier wishes that the blessing be taken away from the one whom he envies, whether the blessing comes to him or not. So the envier resents the blessing of Allah and wishes […]

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Let’s talk it out!

Below we outline what constitutes as good communication in a marriage. If you can ensure that every correspondence between you and your spouse meets these criteria, then you are on the way to eternal bliss. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Sarcasm, ridicule, judgmental statements and accusations, and put downs are the quick road to marriage hell. Good communication avoids all such disrespect and is qualitative. […]

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Exercise your worries away!

There is no magic cure for rifts between husband and wife. But the closest thing is exercise. You’ll lose weight, get fit, become healthier, and find yourself more confident when it comes to your marital relationship. Taking part in physical activities together, will give you and your husband a reason to bond over something fun, and will get the competitive […]

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When the Ship is Sinking, Throw away the Extra Baggage

When your marriage is in trouble and you’re fighting to keep it from sinking, it’s time to throw away all the extra baggage that’s not helping. You need to be at your highest vigilance in using your intellect and tackle the problems within your marriage. Anything that is causing more issues or is not a helper needs to be thrown […]

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