Midsection of senior woman lays her hand on another at home

5 Intimacy Revival Tactics – Physical Touch (Part 5 of 5)

5.    PHYSICAL TOUCH This is most obvious language of love and is non-verbal; and simply touching can be so expressive of love and care. Simple things like holding hands or sitting close to each other on the couch so that your bodies are touching, to hugging and kissing demonstrate this language. If this is your husband’s primary love language, stealing a kiss, hugging him randomly, running your fingers through his hair, or having a hand on his thigh as you sit beside each other, will show him your love. In the bedroom, physical sexual intimacy thoroughly expresses this language, and […]


5 Intimacy Revival Tactics – Acts of Service (Part 4 of 5)

4.    ACTS OF SERVICE Most Muslim women tend to do acts of service at home out of a sense of obligation, but the amazing thing is it might be your spouse’s primary language of love. Ironing his shirts, cooking him a delicious meal, keeping the home clean and tidy, looking after and raising the children could be speaking your husband’s love language. Bear in mind, if you are expecting appreciation for these things, then acts of service might actually not be his language of love, but could be yours. Saying things like “I will do that for you…” or “What […]


5 Intimacy Revival Tactics – Receiving Gifts (Part 3 of 5)

3.    RECEIVING GIFTS You may be surprised to find out that your spouse’s language of love is receiving gifts. Love shows through the thoughtfulness and effort behind the gesture of giving a gift. For some men, receiving one big gift occasionally can express to him how much you love him, and for others small consistent gifts can work wonders. If he has a sense of humour, small funny gifts like a comedic mug can let him know you’re thinking of him. If he loves photography or filmography, buying him the latest software might hit the spot. If he loves sports, […]


5 Intimacy Revival Tactics – Quality Time (Part 2 of 5)

2.    QUALITY TIME Plan activities that you can do together so that you can spend quality time with your spouse. You may like to take walks together or go for a swim or exercise together. Perhaps you are involved in the community, so you may volunteer together. Sometimes we look forward to girls’ nights or girls’ day out but overlook the best friend we married. Maybe he’s not big on shopping, but you can look for common interests and do them together. Watch a comedy together because laughing together boosts connection. Have dinner together – it doesn’t matter if you […]


5 Intimacy Revival Tactics – Words of Affirmation (Part 1 of 5)

If you’ve been married for a few years, you may have found that you’ve been playing escape and evade with your intimate life. You may have gotten caught up in the constant foraging to provide for your children’s needs, and that initial laser focus has strayed away from your husband. Even if you started out your marriage on point, you’ve probably found that now your marriage needs some major recon. Many marriages can fall into the red zone simply because one or both spouses express love in the way they want to be loved, rather than expressing love in the […]


3 Romantic Getaways

The Middle East is home to a number of ancient towns, breathtaking scenery and rich cultures. The area has long been a draw to people from around the world and for those living in the Middle East, a romantic weekend getaway is just around the corner. Check out these 3 romantic weekend getaways and surprise your spouse with a brief trip to relax and focus on the two of you. 1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai is one of the newest cities in the Middle East. It is the leader of the United Arab Emirates and features a number of […]


The Secret to Success for Men

We all want to be successful. No matter what our path is or what industry we work in, we all, as men, want to be the best. We’re expected to be breadwinners, to take care of our families, to do the best we can for our children—but more than anything, we want to be the best for ourselves. Lets sheds some light on what it really takes to get there. Set Goals: Having a goal is the first step to take. Successful people have a goal, make a plan to achieve their goal and frame it to be completely attainable […]


10 Survival Tips for Newlyweds

In much of the world, it is very normal for couples to live together before marriage. However according to our Islamic views that is completely unacceptable. Majority of couples live together for the first time only after the wedding. Living together is completely different from the courtship and engagement period, and it can be a difficult adjustment for some couples. Here are ten tips to make living together for the first time easy. 1. Accept that the other person isn’t perfect You can’t expect someone to be perfect. Both of you were on your best behaviour before the wedding. Now […]


Creating a Family Budget

Marriage brings a whole new load of responsibility on us, life suddenly stops being about us and becomes revolved around the our spouse and children. Having a coherent family budget can help us avoid unnecessary spending, keep track with our money, and to plan for the future. Karaz’s Mira has a few tips to assist you in creating a budget for your household. Track and pinpoint where your expenses Work on listing your spending in the last two to three months to see where your money goes, do not forget to look through your bank account and to also list […]


His Wedding Night Jitters

The myths surrounding the ‘wedding night’ are a source of anxiety for every guy or girl who has passed the age of puberty and looks forward to this special night. The thought of what would happen on that night caused me a lot of emotional distress because there simply wasn’t enough information or sexual education back then. This isn’t the case nowadays, thanks to the Internet. At the end of the day, we’re a Middle Eastern, Muslim culture that adheres to its customs, and having a conversation about sexual intercourse is considered taboo. Accordingly, engaging in sexual activity occurs only […]